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“I wasn’t hoping to uncover some earth-shattering piece of information: They’re not brothers.Or Liam wrote all the songs, or something like that.

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“People remember the fights, and they remember a lot of the antics, more than they remember the music, how great the band was.Maybe, speculates rhythm guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs, they would have been wise to call it quits then and there.Of course they didn’t, and that isn’t really the point of the film.When we finished, both Noel and Liam were like: You sure you don’t want to carry on next week? S., but you make the case that they symbolized something more in England.Something was happening in this country at that moment in time.(Even more incredible: One in 20 Britons applied for tickets.) The triumph of that moment, as Noel remembers it, was bittersweet.

It was the “last great gathering of the people before the birth of the Internet,” but also, perhaps, the last great moment of Oasis.

Whitecross told me he was surprised by how real the Gallaghers got during interviews.

“This wasn’t an investigative piece of journalism,” he explained.

When Liam remembers, as a teenager, another boy walloping him on the skull with a hammer—an incident the singer claims, made him “start to hear the music, so thank you”—it’s funny.

But when Noel asserts that he learned to play guitar to escape the chaos and brutality of life with an abusive dad—“My father,” he wagers, “beat the talent into me”—it’s chilling.

For me, that’s part of the motivation in making this: If we could redress the balance a little bit.”Spoiler alert: It works.