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The other children were created one at a time, and worked by countering specific aspects of Mafalda.

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Quino and Brascó offered the comic strip to the newspaper Clarín, but they noticed the advertisement nature and did not publish it.The characters would use their products, and all of them would have names starting with "M".The name "Mafalda" was selected as an homage to one of the characters of the 1962 Argentine film Dar la cara.The Argentine editions Although most strips were translated into different European languages as well as into simplified and traditional Chinese, there were only a few publications in English.In the United States of America, his only published work is The World of Quino (1986).The music composition titled ‘City’ was created by Elisaveta Fedorova and presented in december 2011 to the Art Flakes at the Banff Centre in Canada. That map was build for the experimental short film Hit Bit by glaznost, actually is part of the nofun’s visual set for VJ’ing.

The music is a track called Congo Bunix composed by glaznost aswell. Also edition of a printed catalogue showing the work of the Display artists during the year.

Since the cartoons had to be delivered two weeks before publication, Quino was not able to comment on the news to the same extent.

After creating the characters of Mafalda's little brother Guille and her new friend Libertad, he definitively ceased publication of the strip on 25 June 1973.

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This video is part of the g Lanzo L project , a modification of Counter Strike for audiovisual sessions in real-time by glaznost. With artwork by: Albert Bertolín // Danny Gretscher // Poste Aérienne // Golden Cosmos // Julia Guther // Juju // Klub7 // Attila Szamosi Peachbeach // Various & Gould // You can buy it at the Supalife online shop Another sample of the g Lanzo L project, a Counter Strike modification by glaznost.

The characters aged at about half the real time-scale while the script ran.