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Ms excel consolidating worksheet text data

Thanks, Shelley, Thanks for sponsoring the development of this macro..has been posted in the tools area of this site for all to download.

I think that the workbook that the macro is trying to insert them into is an xls (Excel 2003) filetype, and these sheets are allowed to contain up to about 65,000 rows.Next, simply open up the workbooks that you would like to combine so that they are all open at the same time inside of Excel.This macro does not need to be installed into the workbooks you are trying to combine.Default is to only merge the first sheet of each workbook.This macro only combines open workbooks so all 300 would have to be open at the same time. I do not know if Windows will let you open that many at once.The original macro posted was designed for excel 2007/2010.

It would not work on 2003 and they modified it so I could use on 2003 office. I wasn't aware that it was written for Excel 2007/2010, as I'm currently using it on 2003 without any modification.

I could really use a macro that combines multiple (single-worksheet) workbooks into a single workbook, with the worksheets the source workbook becoming individual worksheets in the new workbook.

The icing on the cake would be having the source workbook(s) file names become the tab names in the new combined workbook.

In the future I am going to see if I can combine already merged work books for each month into a yearly merged workbook with each tab being a month. After playing around with it last night, my safe number is 16 files, so I'll be doing my 300 files in lots of 16. I just downloaded this macro and the "Start Here" sheet was not part of the download.

I looked for this button on the others sheets and to no avail.

Is this sheet missing or is the button in another location.