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Models dating shorter guys

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Otherwise I love the model (more than the MTH steamers I wrote glowing reviews about below). My friend has a pacific like mine and it has always run perfectly. On a flat layout it will pull 43 cars at a resonable speed.

It went through several drive revisions before ceasing production in 1966.This document is a guide to HO steam locomotives (of North American prototype). Under each manufacturer, both the strong and weak points of their steam locomotives are listed.Feel free to submit any comments that might be of value to others.Some of them run very well and the whole lower boiler and frame is cast, giving them a fair amount of weight.They also have decent detailing especially considering their era.I recently purchased one of the last new 1930's versions in dealer inventory.

Unfortunately, the major NYC dealer shipped it poorly--with no packing peanuts or any other material at all around the locomotive box--just stuck inside an Athearn case that originally carried multiple locos, and taped shut.

However some of them suffer from degredation of the cast material, causing them to swell and warp.

Pickup varies from tender only to tender and loco, some have plastic drivers, some plastic with metal rims.

As such, the 4-8-2 is susceptible to shipping damage, and I had to re-attach a piece of the cab roof which broke loose during shipping as a result.

There was other minor damage as well; thankfully most of the fine details on this model are easily glued.

I had troubles with it operating well in DC mode and sub par DCC performance compared to the Digitrax, QSI & Soundtrax systems.