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A tawse consists of a strip of leather, with one end split into a number of tails.The thickness of the leather and the number of tails is variable.

The second campus, known as Heslington East or Campus East, opened in 2009 and now hosts three colleges and three departments as well as conference spaces, a sports village and a business start-up "incubator".The City of York planning conditions stipulate that only 20% of the land area may be built upon, and the original campus was at full capacity.In 2004, plans were finalised for a 117 hectare extension to the campus, provisionally called Heslington East, designed to mirror the existing Heslington West campus.Judicial corporal punishment was abolished in 1948.(abbreviated as Ebor or York for post-nominals) is a collegiate plate glass research university located in the city of York, England.In 1982 two Scottish mothers went to the European Court of Human Rights, who passed a judgment that parents had the right to refuse corporal punishment of a child.

This judgement led indirectly to the use of the tawse (and all other forms of corporal punishment) being banned by law in UK state schools.

Many Scottish saddlers made tawses for local schoolmasters.

The official name "tawse" was hardly ever used in conversation by either teachers or pupils, who instead referred to it as either the school strap or the belt, the normal term for an unforked implement, as worn in trousers (see belt).

It also took an innovative approach to social science introducing a five year long degree in the subject.

After 1972 the construction of Colleges ceased until 1990 with the foundation of James College.

A year later, work began on purpose-built structures on the Heslington Campus, which now forms the main part of the university.