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Among the rarities are: albums of "Classici dell'arte Rizzoli",unique postcards,series of encyclopedias and dictionaries of art, encyclopedias and dictionaries of art .Moldavistica collection consists of about 15 thousand documents and provides informational and documentary for users interested in the social-political, economic and cultural Moldova seen from the outside.

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, BNRM) located in Chişinău, Moldova is the main library of the state which is responsible for conservation, valorization and protection of written cultural heritage.The Collection contains over 21 thousand documents: great works through authors, masterfully graphics, bibliophile value which consists from manuscripts books, old Romanian book printed in the country and abroad, foreign books published up to 1725, editions, books with a polygraphic presentation and artistic significance, ex-libris books, typographical curiosities, personal collections, old periodicals etc.The collection includes books that formed part of initial fund at 1832 [9], when the library was inaugurated.From 1992 until his death on April 8, 2015 the director of the National Library was Alexe Rău – Ph.D., a library scientist, philosopher, poet and essayist.The collection of books with autographs of writers, scholars, other personalities is an object of interest for many bibliophiles. The most common include: Bârsan family library, family Balmuş, by Anton Crihan, Alexandru Sturdza, Nicolai Moghileanski.

The most precious autographs belong to personalities: Alecsandri Vasile, Dumitru Moruzi, Leon Boga, Paul Michael G. Audiovideoteca possesses a unique collection, the richest in Moldova, sound recordings (26 000), documents printed music (66 000), books and periodicals in the field of music.

Among them an important role for books is held by General Liprandi, and two volumes of Aristotle commented by Donati Acciaioli and Simplicius, the oldest books in library collections, the oldest books in library collections, works of incunabula era that connects us with and include us in concert of the most valuable European libraries. The new image that created BNRM in the country and abroad contribute to the choice of different personalities or their relatives of the library as a place of conservation and making available to future generations some important private libraries.

The Library holds the second edition of Cazaniei lui Varlaam (first book written and printed in Moldova, the Three Hierarchs in 1643), edited Râmnic (Muntenia) in 1792; Apostle, published in Bucharest in 1683, Moldova's description Cantemir, the German version (1771), Russian (1789), Romanian (1825); Trebnicul “Petru Movilă”, published in 1646 and illustrated by Elijah engraver. For this purpose, in the special collections are composed of these personalities funds.

The following librarians - Kozlov, Saburov, Tanki - tried, but failed an improvement of conditions of the institution.

Only after 1857, the new librarian Venedict Beler, professor of German Language and Mathematics at Gymnasium No.

BNRM is keeper of a precious fund documents of which volume is 2.5 million. The thematic and linguistic horizon of the collections is universal.