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The structure and activities of the company rise from the foundation of Engineering Excellence.Evolving from Engineering Excellence comes the company’s ability to provide our clients and partners with the highest possible value on all our dealings, no matter how large or small they may be.

They are separated only by the country of Jordan, and the nearest points on their borders are just 90 miles apart.Trump was in a bilateral meeting with President Reuven Rivlin of Israel during his ongoing diplomacy tour when he implied that the country was not, in fact in the Middle East.That left Ambassador Ron Dermer, who was spectating from the sidelines, throwing his hand up to his face - and the whole thing was caught on film.Dermer's reaction to the gaffe was immediate; he threw his hand up to his face with a smirk.At that point, some of his ambassadorial poise appears to kick in and he turns the facepalm into a sweep of the hair.We strive for Quality Management and towards a culture of zero defects, which to us means “right first time, every time and on time”, no matter how difficult this is perceived to be.

The company operates to the highest safety standards, both in the UAE and Internationally.

He scratches his eyebrow as he composes himself, and then returns his attention to Trump's speech.

The visit was the second day of Trump's diplomatic tour of the Middle East, and began with him visiting the West Wall of Jerusalem, where he and his family offered up prayers.

Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Middle East Private Ltd., CBEME is specializing in the design, manufacture and erection/installation of structural steel-work and associated items.

The Company also holds accreditation allowing it to manufacture Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Power Piping.

You’re on a conservative trip and you expect her to cover-up.