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Metro omaha speed dating

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Valentine’s Day would be pitiful and meaningless if it weren’t for various companies trying to subtly promote their brand through get-in-love-quick schemes.This year, the Los Angeles Metro decided to join in on the marketing fun by providing citizens of Los Angeles free speed dating on the subway.

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A booth was set up where two Metro workers were sitting. When I asked about what I was signing the female employee said, “Oh this is just so you know it’s not our fault if you don’t find love.“ Who did I have left to blame then? They then explained that every Red Line train going from North Hollywood to Union Station had one car designated for speed daters and speed daters only. Omaha Love staff will be there with icebreaker games and to facilitate introductions.Open to singles 21-81, so grab your best wingman (or woman! They blew a whistle and I was approached by Carlos who instantly said, “I bet you like rock music.” He then talked about being in nursing school, and forced me to take down his number. He saw my phone in my hand, and said he forgot his cell phone at home. Two Metro Cupids also will be riding the Red Line during the event.

All who take photos with the Metro Cupids are encouraged to share their encounters via social media - and they can enter their photos in the Love Metro LA Instagram photo contest if they meet the contest requirements!

This year we will be at Addy's Sports Bar and Grill for a night of fun, flirting and a shot at love.

Tickets are $20 in advance, and include a fully loaded nacho bar.

Participants must adhere to Metro's Customer Code of Conduct.

For more information, visit or follow Metro on The Source and El Pasajero at, on Twitter @metrolosangeles and Facebook at

a whole new meaning for subway riders this Valentine's Day.