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Contact is a collaboration on mental health charities and organisations that offer support for veterans.

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If you call us, we’ll try to sort out your complaint while you’re on the phone.The Store Management can disagree that there is a genuine manufacturing fault and therefore not progress the return.If the store management is uncertain if the item has a manufacturing defect, or is over 90 days old, they have the option to send it to our Returns Department for an Inspection.By giving us feedback on how well we are doing to we can improve the way we help you.How to complain if something goes wrong Complaint Handling and Feedback Step 1: Contact Us In the first instance, if you’re in one of our shops, do ask to speak to a manager.As many as 83% of customers report needing help when buying things online according to a Loudhouse study, and nearly half of them will abandon their shopping cart if they don’t get the assistance they need.

Email and phone calls no longer cut it – customers want instant access to someone who can help. By allowing customers to contact a customer service chat agent at any point in their journey, online web chat satisfies a shopper’s need for information, helping to increase their likelihood of purchase and their overall satisfaction.

If you are looking for general mental health support Heads Together Charity Partners are there for you.

Whether we struggle with disappointing exam results, the loss of a job, a relationship break-up, depression, anxiety or any other mental health challenge, we all struggle with our mental health at times, and we all need support. However, sometimes we feel alone, or those closest to us don’t know how to help.

The good news is that here in the UK there is there is always someone to turn to.

Many of our Heads Together partners, and many other organisations, run confidential helplines and online services staffed by volunteers who can relate to the difficult times you or someone you know may be going through. Mind’s Infoline advisors provide information on a range of topics including; types of mental health problems, where to get help and support in your local area, medication and alternative treatments and advocacy.

It’s no wonder that customers who engage in online web chat are 4.6 times more likely to convert than customers who don’t.