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However, his leap to stardom didn't last long, and there was no way that Daniel could ignore the comment or the wad of spit that had gone with it, considering his reputation around the area as well as his ego.As the guys were still roaring with laughter, the eighteen year old senior suddenly went into action, almost as if he had snapped, and with a swift upper cut his right arm flew out, nailing his tormentor right square under his chin.

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Two of the guys were nineteen, and the older boy was just twenty by a week.With a tremendous show, the youngest of the three boys cannon-balled off the diving board, and landed directly next to the swimming senior.With the impact and the concussion that reverberated into the water, Daniel's concentration was totally interrupted and his rhythm he had been working on was gone with it.Then, he made the remarks that started what would later come back to haunt him."God you faggots are brats...think you're so fucking cooooool with your stupid skateboards and your tiny little dicks." The oldest boy of the group, a lad just twenty and who went by the name of Sidney, was standing directly next to the high school senior when he had pulled himself from the water, and now his eyes were flush with the center of the taller boy's smooth chest.Consequently, he was pushing himself hard, and spending more time in the water than he was out.

His body cut the cool water like a knife, and his arms seemed to fly through it, pushing him forward relentlessly.

Finally, he could stand it no more, and as he reached the shallow end he gave up, and pulled himself from the water, exiting the pool with a single push.

One of the girls smiled at him, and as she watched the water running off his perfect body, you could almost feel her teenage desire just hanging in the air.

Still, even though he was small in stature, he didn't seem to be afraid, and his blue eyes radiated an air of haughtiness as he looked up at the senior.

He threw his head back, bouncing his blond hair out of his eyes with a well-practiced motion.

Time seemed to stand still then, the gob of spittle actually hitting the senior just under his left eye.