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Mau nagih hutang malah dapat ngentot

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Whatever criticisms of the way 1MDB management conducted itself, whatever the weaknesses in its processes and business operations, these authorities do not report a loss that in any way matches what the US Department of Justice thinks that it has found. In 2009, 1MDB invested with Petro Saudi International in foreign oil assets.Admittedly, not for the first time the US Government is being outstripped by Tun Mahathir who claims to have found a 42 billion hole in 1MDB accounts. The asset contributed by the Saudi partner failed, but they paid back the Malaysian contribution, with interest.

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Ida Bagus Sidemen, in his university thesis 'Exile in the 19th Century in Nusa Penida' (Masalah pembuangan dalam abad 19 di Nusa Penida; 1980A:182-245) quotes as his most prominent source: 'Geguritan Rereg Gianyar' (manuskrip) milik Fakultas Sastra Universitas Udayana Denpasar, nomor 337/133.Lawyers only go for civil lawsuits like these as the burdon of proof is so much lower ... Basically the US is pouring a bucket of allegations over the defendents, and telling them they have to prove it's wrong or forfeit assets which are under US jurisdiction.After a year-long investigation, it's a cheap way out.Apart from this first source, Sidemen [IBS, in below article] publised 'Geguritan Rereg Gianyar' in a separate book - without an introduction regarding its contents - by the Indonesian Department of Education & Culture, Publication Project of Books on Indonesian and Local Literature in Jakarta, 1980 B (Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, Proyek Penerbitan Buku Sastra Indonesia dan Dearah, Jakarta 1980) [DPK in below article].Although 'Geguritan Rereg Gianyar' offers a detailed list of those exiled to Nusa Penida, in total only one single page is dedicated to the subject of exile to Nusa Penida.This is a subtitle written in INDONESIAN for the movie The Raid 2.

The encoding is UTF-8 and the nativ format is SUBRIP (SRT).

This was approved by the Klungkung king Dewa Agung Putra.

The reason for the rebellion was connected to the government structure with regards to the problem of honour and inheritance.

'Rereg Gianyar' consists of 161 pages written in Balinese characters on both sides of the palm leaves, written in Balinese Kawi language.

It relates the history of the fall of the kingdom (negara) Gianyar caused by rebellion on the part of the mancas who felt dissatisfied and degraded by the Gianyar king Dewa Manggis.

The entire title could possibly, thus, be translated as 'The defeat of Gianyar'.