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Matango 1963 online dating

What they find on the island is truly disturbing, and I can't put into words how thankful I am for not having seen this during my formative years.

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Not at all a good B&W sci fi film but I will give it 3 stars and add it to my collection of Toho Films.This twisted, surreal monster story is related in flashback by an asylum inmate, who tells of his horrific experiences as one of several castaways on a mist-shrouded tropical island.While the crew affect repairs to their yacht, the stranded passengers take refuge in a derelict ship overgrown with a strange variety of mushroom -- which seems to be the only available source of food on the island.Matango could easily be pinned to a wall and lambasted by any moviegoer looking for a cheap shot, but those willing to look at it in an appreciative way might find something worth championing here.Some How I expected more from Toho Films, other Sci Fi pictures they put out just seem to have the excellent plastic model effects when it came to tanks and jets, but this one had none of these, just people washing up on a island after their yacht goes a stray, and they find another deserted ship, with mushrooms growing wild onboard, and on the island, they all figure out if you eat the mushrooms you will turn into a mushroom, I ate some mushrooms in Puerto Rico one time and thought I was a mushroom for about 10 hrs, anyway most of the crew falls into the trap of eating the mushrooms., Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People Movie Include All Subtitles.

This brilliant horror has a nightmarish atmosphere, serenely creepy score and stunning special effects as a group of pleasure-seeking people are stranded on a mysterious island when their boat capsizes.

Five vacationers and two crewmen become stranded on a tropical island near the equator.

The island has little edible food for them to use as they try to live in a fungus covered hulk while repairing Kessei's yacht.

I can't say I was ever truly scared by Matango, but I did think to myself several times "this is actually creepy" and I empathized unironically with the characters.

The movie's strengths are sort of avalanched by its oddities; some of the human behavior is totally inexplicable, the premise at a base level is ridiculous, and the gun never seems to run out of ammunition despite being shot well over 100 times.

It looks fantastic too, not at all cheap like most of Japan's attempts at blockbuster cinema.