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And it is based on more than forty years of research into dozens of different types of performance.

I would think that these professional titles apply to millions of people around the planet, so those people will probably benefit a bit less from Ericsson's principles.What he perhaps fails to mention is that even the intense ability to focus or to work repeatedly with improvement has an innate component to it.I would have appreciated his take on recent neuroscience studies investigating factors like concentration and mental stamina.I thought he was a bit biased against the truly brilliant individuals like Mozart which humanity has produced, but he makes the good point that even Mozart adopted certain strategies and worked very hard - often helped by his father - to become famous.Similarly Ericsson examines several other extraordinary individuals mainly in the realm of sports, music and recreational arithmetic such as Paginini, Picasso and Bobby Fischer and tells us of their intense and often grueling routine of practice.Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

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Ericsson provides examples from calculating prodigies and chess grandmasters to illustrate the utility and power of mental representations.

Getting out of your comfort zone may sound obvious but it's equally important; helped in his narrative by neuroscience studies which illustrate how the brain strengthens neural connections in certain areas when you push yourself, Ericsson provides good tips for exerting yourself just a little bit more than you did the previous time when you attempt to get better at a task.

Nonetheless, in a world constantly competing with itself, Ericsson's book offers some timely and well-researched advice for self-improvement.

Every once in a great while a book comes out that is so useful and so relevant for such a widely diverse group of people that I want to stand on my rooftop and yell, “Read this book now!

These explanations are not complicated or theoretical.