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Series focuses on his romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina, her best friend Pam and escapades with best friends Tommy and Cole.

This sitcom never materialized, however.) And at series' end, Cole proposed to his even more dimwitted, but attractive and devoted girlfriend Shanise (portrayed by Maura Mc Dade), and they made plans to move into their own place.Gina says that they're her sorority colors, a reference to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. See more » Martin Lawrence is probably one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen. His show "Martin" is hilarious, one of the best shows that was on television. Set in Detroit, the series stars Martin Lawrence in the role of Martin Payne, a disc jockey with a girlfriend named Gina Waters.Martin works for the fictional radio station WZUP and later for local Public-access television station Channel 51.One of the trademark running gags of Martin, especially early in its run, was Lawrence playing multiple characters, utilizing various costumes and prosthetic appliances.

This was often done as a plot device or comic relief.

Most of the other characters were last seen in Season 4 and the episodes they last appeared in seemingly wrote them out of the series.

Reruns have been seen in first run syndication in the past. As of October 2015, reruns of Martin now air on BET.

The only actor to appear in every episode as the same character is Thomas Mikal Ford as Tommy.

In early episodes, Lawrence began with a monologue of him speaking directly to the camera and audience from the darkened radio studio.

A common theme of the series is Martin's selfish and free-spirited nature.