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Male dating gay seattle

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Maybe he's watching and waiting to see how the general public reacts to Jason Collins before he comes out? When Ian Roberts came out in Australia people wondered if it would open the door for other gay NRL and AFL players to come out. If Robbie Rogers return to MLS he will be the first openly active male player to do so..

He could have set an example and kept on playing...instead he followed the advice of his greedy agent. sports stars active or legendary who I KNOW to be gay:1. From the Guardian article: He had already appeared for the medal ceremony with a slogan on his T-shirt castigating the host broadcaster's obsession with US athletes but at the winner's press conference he turned up with a different one which said: "Is the world's 2nd greatest athlete gay?He serves his props, but he is straight, so off topic.Johnny Bench -- An ex-wife: "I knew we had a problem when he spent our wedding night playing ping-pong with his best man." Cincinnati is a real redneck state.Brendan was his son who came out while working in college hockey. Bill Cowher's late wife, Kaye, was a high school girls' basketball coach.Rumor had it that he was boffing an African American --female -- secretary within the Steelers' organization Speaking of the Steelers, lots of rumors but no smoking gun about Kordell Stewart's orientation.I read r36's post and considering what's going on right now, I thought it was an interesting question. All DLers will collectively cream their shorts if/when one of the young, under-30 NHL hockey boys come out. By the way, if it wouldn't be too pressing, do you know any actual stories on any of those on your list? My ex bf made out with George Brett, former 3rd baseman for the KC Royals, in the bathroom at a party.

You just know that a ton of those hockey guys did some "experimenting" and hazing growing up. I'm honestly most interested in the NFL players--Aikman and Young, in particular. You can pray the gay away--not that I would know anything about that. This was 30 years ago when he was still an active player.

I think where threads and speculations like these often get derailed, or the poster called a liar, is that people often equate a gay experience or rumor with that person must be 100% gay.

There doesn't seem to be any room for possibilities like experimenting or being bisexual or whatever else may be on the sexual spectrum.

They know, but they love him, so nobody talks about it."Brian Mullen, retired hockey, player is gay.

He wanted to go into coaching earlier but had to do front office work for the NHL No one would hire him as a coach, it's an open secret."I've heard there is a lot of discrimination against gays in coaching.

How true is that story the former Yankees locker room attendant put out there about catching Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada making out in the steam room or jacuzzi? Any other major league baseball players where the gay rumors may actually have some serious legs?