Who does Anton compare Pattys father to?

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Sound and Dark Imagery in “The Witch” by Anton Chekhov Essay

In the social hierarchy of the South at that time, Savely. Thats why she was kidnapped in the first place. She should have realized that her life was also threatened. Ruth and Anton get to know each other while Anton and Patty are eating Ruth's delicious griddle cakes. Anyway she went missing for two months then something most unexpected happened.

Raissa tries to remain calm with her husband, and there would be little that they could do to help Anton. There have been countless accounts of this happening to people. He later goes on to describe it as a cry of misery from someone who consciously realized that there is no salvation? Arnold told her exactly where her family was at the time they were talking without her saying anything.

So in both these cases you can see that the girls transformed into the person they thought they had to in order to survive.

Anton Chekhov Biography

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Who does Anton compare Patty's father to?

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