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Loney ladies dating

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I took for granted how every morning as soon as you knew I was awake you’d come lay on me and make me not want to get up for work.

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She was diagnosed with inoperable bone tumor on her skull at the age of two and given 2-3 months to live.Because you were so attached to me and I just knew it would break your heart and spirit.I knew you couldn’t live without me…but I never really thought about how one day I’d have to live without you.She ended up making it another 18 months, but as we knew it would, the time came when the risk of a sudden medical catastrophe was too great to keep squeezing a few more weeks out of her.She was happy until the very end, enjoying her home-made food and spending time laying on her two sisters.After another health problem cropped up, we decided the treatment was too risky and the pain too much for him to go on.

He lived a good 13 years, but will be deeply missed.

You were the first to greet everybody and I could literally do anything to you and you just didn’t care.

You did tricks, played fetch and were pretty much a dog, but even better because you were a cat…and you were mine.

Somehow he always knew when to turn on the charm to cheer up your day.

He was the calmest of our cats, but that didn’t stop him from going crazy running up and down his cat tower.

You and Maromi are the only reason I’m still on this earth today. When I felt so unloved by everyone around me, you were the only one I knew loved me and always would. When I cried, no matter where you were, you somehow knew and would meow and climb all over me until I stopped.