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The Gdlette Uisjtenser makes tdade changing a cinch deals out blades une at a time, unwrapfievl ami ready for use. ro WHAT RATES HAVE SET FOR ^it»wuutce on tfomemmj mt? The man And Adan popu Ution now receive their doctoring from the Medical Services »hls country was Arthur Alex- however. found that the lliite girl lad g:--wn up «iie IS mwv Mrs l(ob*Tt W. AS STREET PHONE EMI’II sro'7 Yea, he is in your community and in every comtnunity across Canada. NOW • • • A GENUINE ACOUSTICON SCO 50 Gillette Gift Pack OF 50 GIUEn E BLUE BLADES IN DISPENSERS Min be Hppiovrd be d.tflieit '’ be mill tere'l in (•einian ‘They oui I’nis«iflo Ihe Prussians.'^ He's not llir ofilv fjerinan who has il tins s|S'M:ii|e "I miiitarv fnrntahiv w Jui li iinf'dds Odditivs»e:i i*JUA iv. Il exphtined H this way to pniiif- Two men walkc'l inio hi-. n-it»u«(h* iiseil All *ti"uld meet TT.e V .‘ lid « 'leiee.i’i Mfi repte ‘ di'-.iroiament. ’I'‘‘-m-'-i I ia* a syst' lir.s govcnihki'ii of tliosr who lat/I affutd a hlgiid price heating .ml? Insepti Sl Kermjil nut -^lo ahead wtieri he was iiebl up Mon- ^ niglii. Walsii’s he.idi|Uiiri**i - Il was, forgotten over-eas dm lug the w.-i“ di-«tma Tic*.-Mb- asr.e.1 that the: piogiaiiw. women and children androvich Adams, hatlle-scarrrd , who wav as.slpned to atomic ,hr kev back to Chanin* who eoi tn,wiihtn a few feet of the gang- the part of .j Cf? Major not Ltnut • In i harpe of an exien«lv.* e*pif*n- - - Cm!

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but no government lias the right lo lax far licyond the needs of the bufiget and then say. Sioux language translation nf Ui P .swear word "damneff wa.t s«iught, jt wa.s discfi Nfrerl that the tongue of this Indian irilie ssed no swear v^'i THts of kind So relates f*r . Sinry of Iwmgtiage" He would perh*ips applaud the soldier I *aw at the hockey game, for he goet nn tn say that Western linguistic as typified by the four letter vxord*. If they eould sta'nd back and listen to themselves they would quit the habit Ihcre and men. wt* Lakf Russia as our master ' the j M|ier si,iied e « * In the p.i-1 iwm si-.ii*. ‘‘The tional pride i*f the ('hinese in family unity is being broken h% the i'"mmunist.s." aci*ording to om* Kurn* jw-un »lip Iomatlc rep*i H. On the d'-tense side, our prodmiion program is »ei tn start rolling As for the armed srrvtcrx.

At This point it is sometimes overlookj^d that w'hilo tin* candidates make the runnini* only fh‘* clet toi's tan decide the '•nj\iiks1 the sanidion o( the House is oblainiii at Ihe tuiic ihg estin Ml»*s are [nesimi«*d. Yet there are a few men who never •learn to clean their tongue and who emu obscenity every ten word* or »o. four letter words reveal a khastly patu-iiy af expression and they are- oh so temhiy tiresome I hope that soon the young soldier I saw catches on to ihj* elememat fact. From Toklo In this lounei U‘Ui the ju iiu ip Hl Ty olgaii The People s Daily, st.iie'l that t'hina would pursue the path t r.u ei *.e«f“ by Russia, "in our rcvoluiinn aii'l cou.sirut Uon pr-igum. and the regional pa|MTs h*-ar a close lesemhlan'e lo Russian provincial Ts, The Commvinn-ts' delitierule pro- gram against CItrisilan mi^sionariea and Chinese priests sterna from fear, AM*iirtiing lo ofte British view Ihe public rxe the is’pu Uce In check were isirrowtsi fp«m Ihe Rtia* 5Mr.: aiul the Nazis. *imily life fcir that fx • liihl w TTr Tep"ii lion ami schmiic- o| iu p.iieni.s, "III North t'iiina ^u Mien taught at s« h'“d Uo *4 4 hey m«si -make i-ej M-i Js on their ilu’s *c tlie 'Ciiciu T'- Theie have f»vn • when’ the taihet h.'** .iri'*-- d. ,ind the •nildicti «lu llll* jjh' il Ol_J '■R*-|Hirti' n'tning fi"m one noitt’ern plovimx* aln- sr m quantity.

t: ’ n ' *• ®i MMUl«ai, Yu Kcn T«mter* *sa M; no nc M»d to (foiibf the sineenty of any candidate who has shown himself or herself convei Kaiit with civic affairs. in any event, there will be a toasideratile ran^e of choice. But for ’most mail’s the swearing h«‘Blne lo t.»p**r off they mature and c-ome lo re\itgm/r it a* a s Tupid sort of h UMines.4. us 'of his kmd' can swear cnplou«iy in picturesque fashion, and the average addict U no gentws.