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(See Page 9) Thousands gather for Faro’s annual bike meet Faro ground to a halt this past weekend after being invaded by tens of thousands of leather- clad bikers from all over the world.

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Oporto: The North will see temperatures in the mid 20s with the low cloud cover of recent days set to give way to clear skies this coming weekend. IVA • Publisher: Paul Allen-Luckman • Editor: Brendan de Beer • PORTUGAL Portugal’s National Newspaper in English On page 28 WIN... da Luz, Aljezur • Marilyn Holmes *914 863 604 Guia, Almancil, Faro • 707 500 677 Louie, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, Ayamonte Tom Chapman • 912 583 188 Support Accounts: Gaby Rodrigues Subscriptions: Samantha Hoather Subscriptions 52 editions of The Portugal News, cost €67.50 (Portugal), €135 (Europe) or €210 (World Airmail). She added “We don’t yet know exactly when the produc- tion procedures for the vaccines will be finished, or when the chni- cal testing periods will be com- pleted so the vaccinations can be administered in complete safety”. Health Minister Ana Jorge (R) and European Union Commissioner for Health, Androulla Vassiliou (L), arrive at the health ministryfor a meeting aboutthe A H1N1 flu, in Lisbon on 20 July. He gave several reasons for the general population to be calm, such as health services being very effective and hygienic nowadays, as well as the existence of several containment measures to prevent an outbreak. Despite a vaccine not existing yet, several generic medi- cines (Oseltamivir, Zanamivir Relenza and Tamiflu) have proven to reduce the effects of the swine flu. Swine flu has affected more than 1 00,000 people in the world so far, and taken more than 700 lives; nothing compared to the similar Hl Nl virus, designated the Spanish flu, between 19, which killed between 20 and 100 million people.

Although being easily spread, the H IN 1 virus is rarely fatal, but, due to poor hygiene after the First World War, this virus was ex- tremely lethal at the time.

“We will have the capacity to guarantee free vaccinations to all those in what are considered ‘risk’ groups’, at the time the vaccinations will be ready for use”, she said.

Minister Jorge explained that “safe” vaccinations would only be available in December or at the beginning of January.

The Clinical Director also stated that seasonal flu killed 1 ,96 1 people in Portugal alone in 2008/2009, well above the 507 deaths worldwide from the Hl Nl so far.

Being active on surfaces for bet ween 2 and 8 hours , the H 1 N 1 virus cannot be transmitted through water or food.

The congre- gation is urged to receive their wafer by hand and not in their mouth.