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The base notes are good too, the sweetness of tonka is working (not like in Eros), and the amber and sandalwood makes the whole creations to perfect.Maybe the awesome base note is the key in this scent. Update: just checked the reformulated version: less sillage and longevity, less vanilla and spicy notes but the whole scent become more powdery.

The advantage over the most sweet, vanilla base scents (Thierry Mugler A Men, Givenchy Pi, Versace Eros, Joop Homme etc.), this one is not overwhelming not too much, and not too sweet. The opening is a bomb of lavender and mint, but few minutes later arrive the creamy vanilla with a hint of cinnamon and orange blossom.I get a good few hours of wear (3-4) with pretty serious silage (my SO commented on it after a few hours of wear and said it was strong and that was only after about 3-4 sprays 3 hours later).It doesn't wear liner either, it's like a continuous story of notes that turn from one thing to another.I can't quite decide on the season it is best fit for; in the summer, I can feel it hitting hot skin and getting warm and turning spicy.In colder weather, it develops to a vanilla, spiciness that blends woods, ferny greens and a very slight musk without ever smelling sour or stale.But as we were sitting there the smell was persisting all the time, with the same power.

But this surely can't be the Le Male that is sold today, the boy might have gotten the old reformulation from dad or uncle, I said to myself.

Even today my wife goes bannanas for this legendary fragrance. This is exactly what the vintage smells like, no weaker. I almost feel they had a stash of vintage bottles and are now selling them 7 years later.

Sure it's been overplayed because of it's king status in the 90's. And anybody that tells you it smells feminine does not have a clue about masculinity. Sorry every other hyped flavor-of-the-year compliment getter. This is just great news for those who haven't experienced what this scent was meant to smell like, in its original and unadulterated formula.

An ex got if for me when it first came out but after that bottle was finished I stopped wearing it because I smelled it on everybody. I got a sephora sample of it and verified that the bottle was from 2017.

Just picked up a Puig bottle made in france in the christmas set with the aftershave and it's what I remember, I can still smell it after spraying it at pm last night and it's am ,, Good memories with this one, chicks dug it and the tweens these days wanna smell like tuscan leather,,makes no sense You can get the 2017 Puig version at Macy's. Projection was above average (almost as good as ultra male imo) for about 4-5 hours and total longevity was at least 16 hours. May this be the end of endless hunting for that elusive vintage version.

Not so good as the old one, but still lovely - on early spring/late summer/winter days suited better, not for hot summer days.