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Recommendations are supported by citation of references published to the end of 2010.

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They focus on the supreme importance of making a prompt clinical diagnosis and on the basic initial treatment that is urgently needed and should be possible even in a low resource environment.They also emphasize preparation of the patient for self-treatment of anaphylaxis recurrences in the community, confirmation of anaphylaxis triggers, and prevention of recurrences through trigger avoidance and immunomodulation.Novel strategies for dissemination and implementation are summarized.Recommendations for cardiopulmonary resuscitation are based on 2010 guidelines that advise initiating chest compressions before rescue breathing.The role of the allergy/immunology specialist is highlighted, particularly with regard to prevention of recurrences.Lifetime prevalence based on international studies is estimated at 0.05-2% [4].

In public health terms, anaphylaxis is considered to be an uncommon cause of death [7-13].

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The illustrated World Allergy Organization (WAO) Anaphylaxis Guidelines were created in response to absence of global guidelines for anaphylaxis.

Uniquely, before they were developed, lack of worldwide availability of essentials for the diagnosis and treatment of anaphylaxis was documented.

In many countries, there are no anaphylaxis guidelines in use [3].