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MV is a “one-stop shop”, where your fans can find everything you have to offer.

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Each day we have hundreds of thousands of unique users visiting the website, and we have a very vibrant community revolving around contests, the MV Blog, the MV Mag, and much more.If the content of a vid has been flagged by our support team as potentially disturbing to some viewers, but still falls within our accepted categories, a warning message will be displayed on top of that specific vid.We wish to offer to our Members and MV Stars the choice to opt out from viewing content that may be offensive to them.MV is also a space that welcomes all sexual orientations and ethnicities.We want everyone to feel that this is a secure place where they can express their creativity as fully as possible.Apart from being the fastest growing adult community in the world and giving you very wide exposure on our MV Blog and in our MV Mag, we also strive to ensure the best possible customer service to MV Stars and Members alike.

Our team is constantly creating new tools and ideas to make sure we do everything we can to help our MV Stars do better.

Many Vids is a platform that allows you the ability to promote yourselves as freely as you wish by selling your vids, store items, custom vids, memberships, and more to your fans.

MV was created to give the power to MV Stars and help our content creators generate a passive income and a growing fanbase. MV lets you promote in whichever manner you choose in order for your existing and new fans to find you easily.

As an MV Star you should only create content that you are comfortable producing.

The minimum length of a vid is 90 seconds ( min) and there is no maximum length, just keep in mind the maximum size of a vid is 2GB.

Many Vids has been growing very fast and now has 1.5M active registered members.