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List of sex chat rums

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at [email protected] Latest Reviews Whereas in gogos overdressed girls are becoming the norm, on Soi 6 they seem not to be afraid of some nudity.

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There were probably 25 girls in attendance, and this was around , before the ‘superstars’ can be assed to turn up for duty, and there were some very attractive ladies on view, all resplendent in clingy white dresses, or other very tight white clothing.Listing the bars of Pattaya The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits.Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their bars..don't take everything at face value..and see for yourself.Perhaps true to form we weren’t hassled by the beauties, but I am the sort of guy that is happy to buy lady drinks for any lady I choose to buy for, but don’t enjoy being pressurised into doing so by unwelcome attention.We stayed for a couple more and enjoyed the view, so overall I felt it was still a good place to sit and drink, and feel for sure if you were a regular enough guy and took a little time to get the know the stunners, there would be no problem in negotiating ‘extra curricular’ activities with the hostesses.You have two types of ladies working here, the ladies wearing white tags cannot leave the bar as the are solely to work in the bar, I found these ladies friendly, as a matter of fact I have made two really good friends from this type of lady from the Atlantic Bar.

Then you have the ladies with the blue tags, you can barfine these women.

The now open upstairs bar at Pook is said to feature girls.

It seems a strange idea as the downstairs bar is solidly lady boy.

Now each room has its own shower with good water temp and pressure.

There is inset incandescent lighting and new beds and mattresses.

A bit of a shame as I didn't find another girl as deserving of my trade.