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On the bus, she looks at her parents and remembers the moments they always cheered on her, be it on her first day of school or first day of being a university student.By remembering all that, Yeon Tae looks again at her parents and says that her parents go old.

She goes after him and directly asks her boss if he likes her.Jin Joo comes to school and acts hard to get in front of Tae Min.Although Yeon Tae finds out from him that he asked Jin Joo out, she is more confused about the attitude Jin Joo has towards Tae Min.When asked what they were doing, the grandmother says that they wanted t clean the picture because it got dusty.The two calm down their anger and when Woo Young goes to the bathroom, Mi Jung tells her grandmother that they need to be careful at home because the kids may notice something afterwards.Luckily Mi Jung makes it clear that she didn’t kneel and we are taken back to what happened at In Chul’s bakery.

She told So Young’s mother that she didn’t do anything wrong so there’s nothing to apologies for.

Then he looks as his late wife’s picture and tells her what happened during the day – everything he says is about Mi Jung.

Yeon Tae’s first day of work arrives and her parents follow her to the bus stop to cheer on her.

Ho Tae also continues his lie about being successful.

After they return the bikes, Sang Tae puts his hand out making Mi Jung think that he wants to reconcile after their small fight.

Also, since they didn’t want to give her the child support, and because it would take too long to take it in the court, Mi Jung takes her ex-husband’s car saying that she will return it after receiving the child support money.