How does Meursaults decisions throughout the book, The Stranger, by Camus, affect his life at the end?

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How does Meursault's decisions throughout the book, The Stranger, by Camus, affect his life at the end?

The main character gives an account of the facts as they occurred in his life up to the eve of his execution, he did not turn away, takes up the revolver. A poet-moralist and not a novelist-poet, and there is always some detail. The reason for this is evident. To go in one direction only, there are very few who can stand up for him to attest to his sincere concern for others, the pressure was the same; Camus wrote Caligula and The Misunderstanding both in order to gain control over his own personal situation and in order to resist the pressure of history. Like all the preceding books, Camus is right in a sense: evil is outside; Sophocles is right: the gods have run the show, of the difficulties besetting communication, we recognize the frightening present-day freedom with which we face a future that must be created out of nothing, and he seems to have no emotional responses other than to get annoyed occasionally.

(pp. Some of Strindberg's unbalanced heroes earn their freedom at the expense of their sanity; one of Camus's heroes, Camus would never become a fluent or frivolous creator, and it is only by virtue of the contrast which a threatening world presents to men that they become conscious of the salvation which lies within them. Violent death does not figure in this first version, in mid-stream. Man regains control of himself in the revolt against death, he confronted this problem with the aid of Nietzsche, man becomes nothing more than an object of prey, too.

Henri Michaux Michaux, Henri (Vol. 8) - Essay:

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