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Lds on line dating

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In some areas, members can subscribe by filling out the subscription form on the Church magazines’ Web pages.

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Local Church leaders should encourage members to have the Church magazines in their homes.Electronic text and audio recordings of Latter-day Saint editions are also available at org.The Church discourages rewriting the Book of Mormon into familiar or modern English.They are registered as trademarks or are otherwise legally protected worldwide.They should be used only according to the following guidelines.The First Presidency has said: “When a sacred text is translated into another language or rewritten into more familiar language, there are substantial risks that this process may introduce doctrinal errors or obscure evidence of its ancient origin.

To guard against these risks, the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve give close personal supervision to the translation of scriptures from English into other languages and have not authorized efforts to express the doctrinal content of the Book of Mormon in familiar or modern English.

These magazines contain the Lord’s guidance given through latter-day prophets.

Church magazines strengthen faith in the Savior and provide inspired direction for personal challenges.

The stake president and bishop may assign their executive secretaries to coordinate Church magazine subscription efforts (see 13.3.4 and 13.4.4).

Bishoprics may also call a ward magazine representative and appoint others to assist.

Members who are seeking to adopt children or provide foster care should strictly observe all legal requirements of the countries (and their governmental subdivisions) that are involved.