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We now have three lovely daughters, Elizabeth, Erin, and Laura, and five grandchildren.We have lived all, except for one year, of our married life in Independence, Iowa.

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We will have been happily married for 43 years in May 2016.He had to give me his name so that I could record that he had been to the lab.A few weeks later there was a girl-ask-boy Sadie Hawkins Dance, which gave me the chance to ask him on our first date.We endured our fair share of teasing from the other players! Our oldest daughter, Rachel, is a junior at Luther majoring in—you guessed it—athletic training. Nate and I met the fall of my junior and his senior year.We had a ton of fun and lovely times on our ice cream dates in the caf and making pots down in the old pottery studio, but one of my favorite college memories was our first spring break trip, 20 years ago this March.We drove 24 hours straight through and had a blast there camping and hiking and visiting Canyonlands and Arches national monuments.

The CD player in my car broke on the trip, so Nate sang a thousand Neil Young songs to me on the drive.

We were both broke, so it was agreed that gifts would be simple. ” My disappointment over the nurse’s watch waned quickly and I immediately said I met my future wife, Kristin (Jensen) Reimann ’88, at Luther in 1986.

He agreed to cook me a meal in his “garage apartment.” As a lovely supper was served, he disappeared to put my gift on the turntable—I soon heard my favorite album, “An Anne Murray Christmas,” playing. She was an athletic trainer, and I was on the football team.

Our first job was teaching and coaching in Preston, Minn., so Sue could complete her degree. My first head basketball job in northern Minnesota I forgot our birthdays until two weeks later when it dawned on me! I was also a sophomore and one day spotted a cute blond guy walking across campus.

I was able to find out who he was when he came into the language lab where I worked.

D, we wouldn't have made it in time for the boat to take us there.