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Wrong move: Ivana is an excellent skier; Donald is not.

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She enrolled in Charles University and completed a master's degree in physical education. She moved to Montreal, Canada, and lived with Syrovatka, who had emigrated there in 1972." In 1988, he , "There's not a lot of disagreement because, ultimately, Ivana does exactly as I tell her to do." Ivana then jokingly dismissed him as a "male chauvinist" ... He would , "My big mistake with Ivana was taking her out of the role of wife and allowing her to run one of my casinos in Atlantic City, then the Plaza Hotel." The marriage dissolved shortly thereafter. The rumor at the time, as By most accounts, the ailing marriage took its fatal downhill plunge during the couple's stormy Christmas holiday in Aspen, where they were seen arguing on the slopes and outside Bonnie's, a popular restaurant on the mountain. 29 Ivana became enraged when she learned that actress-model Maria Maples was also at the resort.Two days later, according to one witness, when Maples, 26, walked out of Bonnie's, Ivana confronted her, demanding, "You bitch, leave my husband alone." Trump, who was sitting within earshot putting on his skis, took off down the mountain.Now, she is writing a memoir about raising her and Donald's three children, Ivanka, Don Jr. The book, which will be published this September, will be "nonpolitical" and detail Ivana's childhood in communist Czechoslovakia, her relocation to New York, her romance and success as a businesswoman, according to Politico. And we just enjoying our lives — you know life is too short."When Trump ran for president, Ivana played an informal role in the campaign. Who's going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us?In 1995, she married Italian businessman Riccardo Mazzuccelli. After six years of dating, in 2008, 59-year-old Ivana tied the knot with Italian actor Rossano Rubicondi, over two decades her junior. Beautiful, smart, sexy, powerful, successful, young in spirit," he told . She waded into the immigration debate, telling the I have nothing against Mexicans, but if they [come] here — like this 19-year-old, she's pregnant, she crossed over a wall that's this high. Americans don't like to do that." As for her ex, the then-presidential candidate, she offered him advice.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

There was a time when Ivana and Donald Trump were the It Couple in New York City, seen as the very symbol of opulence, glamour, and luxury.

She recounted the meeting to the "[There's] this tall blond guy with blue eyes.

He said, 'I'm Donald Trump and I see you're looking for a table.

in 1991 in which Ivana reportedly got a 45-room Greenwich mansion, an apartment in the Trump Plaza, use of Palm Beach property Mar-a-Lago for one month every year, custody of their three children (and alimony of $650,000 annually), and $14 million.

In 1992, a court ruled that Ivana was not allowed to talk publicly about the divorce without Donald's permission.

She gives the birth in American hospital, which is for free. She brings the whole family, she doesn't pay the taxes, she doesn't have a job, she gets the housing, she gets the food stamps. "We speak before and after the appearances and he asks me what I thought," she said.