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We are looking for students who can join our team in Berlin for three months or more as a mandatory part of their studies or before graduation. (2017-11-14) Open position as office assistant FSFE is a charity dedicated to keeping the power over technology in your hands.We are working to build freedom in a digital society and operate in a lively environment with volunteers from many countries.

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In this letter we request EU legislators to preserve the ability to collaboratively build software online in current EU Copyright Directive proposal. This is rarely the case today due to restrictive software licences. (2017-09-11) FSFE in 2020: Reaffirming our identity Our world is constantly changing, as are people's thoughts and perceptions.Since its founding in 2001, individuals engaged in the FSFE, from coordinators and volunteers to full-time employees, have come to develop their understanding of what FSFE is and what our shared values are.Sometimes the views expressed by individuals have been similar to one another, sometimes they have diverged. (2017-09-08) European Copyright reform hampers Free Software development The FSFE and Open Forum Europe teamed up for an initiative to show the implications of the proposed EU copyright reform for the Free Software development ecosystem: Save Code Share.This is an exciting change for us, as it brings our Supporters much closer to the organisation, by making them an integral part of the FSFE.Today, with the change almost complete, we're also taking the opportunity to say goodbye to the Fellowship Smartcard, which has been a part of FSFE life for more than ten years. (2017-11-14) 2018 internship positions as student interns FSFE is a charity dedicated to empowering users to control technology.Amongst other things an overall Code of Conduct for the FSFE was adopted, Patrick Ohnewein was elected as the new Financial Officer, and six new members joined the association. (2017-10-24) Call for sessions at the FSFE assembly during 34C3From December 27 to 30, the 34th Chaos Communication Congress will be held in Leipzig.

As in recent years, the FSFE is happy to host an assembly that includes an information booth and a meeting point for all Free Software enthusiasts and our friends to come together. (2017-10-13) FSFE presents modernised Fiduciary Licensing Agreement 2.0The FSFE and Contributor proudly present the revised and updated Fiduciary Licence Agreement 2.0 (FLA-2.0) - a next-generation contributor agreement that makes sure the contributed software always remains Free Software. (2017-10-05) EU Copyright Review: Tell Legislators to Save Code Share The FSFE, together with Open Forum Europe, asks the EU policymakers to Save Code Share in the current on-going EU Copyright review. 31 organisations ask to improve public procurement of software Digital services offered and used by public administrations are the critical infrastructure of 21st-century democratic nations.

We are looking for an assistance supporting the office manager with for instance: Lexoni më tepër…

(2017-11-09) 32 European ministers call for more Free Software in governmental infrastructure On 6 October, 32 European Ministers in charge of e Government policy signed the Tallinn Declaration on e Government that calls for more collaboration, interoperable solutions, and sharing of good practices throughout public administrations and across borders.

We are working to build freedom in digital society.

We operate in a lively environment with volunteers from many countries.

As part of this initiative, today we release our White Paper which highlights the ways in which the proposed Article 13 could unintentionally harm the communities and the businesses built around Free Software. (2017-09-06) FSFE announces Software Licensing Best Practices The FSFE launches today its best practises in licensing for Free and Open Source Software project. Zusammenfassend schneiden Grüne und Linke positiv ab.