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When heroin's illegally mixed or cut with fentanyl, there's high potential for the lethal combo to elicit immediate respiratory failure in unsuspecting users.In many cases, heroin users are mistakenly exposed to this dangerous combination of drugs, given that it's all too common to be unaware of the precise composition of the substance purchased.

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There are thousands of active singles on Date looking to chat right now.For example, some will suffer from symptoms of withdrawal soon after obtaining and using what was believed to be pure, revealing the product to be more heavily cut with an additive than originally believed.This may lead the heroin addict to seek out more of the drug in order to fend off these uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal – perpetuating a cycle of dangerous drug-seeking behavior and compulsive use.If you or someone you love is exhibiting the the signs and symptoms of heroin addiction and are ready to admit that you need help, it is not too late to seek help.Here's where you can meet singles in York, Pennsylvania.The problem became so significant that emergency rooms and paramedics across the country experienced significant reductions in their supply of naloxone, which is the drug used to counteract heroin overdose and restore the victim’s breathing.

Uniformed police officers were even posted on known drug corners at this time to act as a deterrent toward potential buyers.

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Substance abuse centers put out a special call in an effort to help addicts steer clear of this dangerous new designer drug combination that had been invading the neighborhood.

Along with the problem of not knowing the strength of the heroin being used, the safety of the additive substance is nearly impossible to account for.

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