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Over the summer Bean and Sutcliffe broke their selfimposed isolation by attending the Cartier Polo event.

That's what makes them so irresistible." Once Bean succumbed to marrying "irresistible" women, it seemed he couldn't stop.Sutcliffe, apparently, gives him a lot of space - particularly when he is working, as he can be very "intense" when getting into character."I think she understands him very well," said an associate this week.When Bean is not working, he and Sutcliffe certainly lead a life of quiet domestic bliss.She said: "Sean came up to me in the VIP section and we started talking.He was extremely flirtatious and it was kind of obvious that he had been drinking.She is said to be looking forward to playing more of a part in the children's lives when she becomes the fourth Mrs Bean, and everyone expects that they will have children of their own.

Friends of the actor - who has starred in Goldeneye and the Lord Of The Rings movies - say that they are "made for each other".

He is a dedicated Sheffield United fan, and returns home often to watch them play, and go out with a group of friends he has known since childhood. Indeed, Bean was at United's homeground in Bramall Lane on Tuesday night last week when they lost 3-0 to Stoke City.

Those who know him well talk about Bean as a charming but rather old-fashioned chauvinist; a man who certainly loves women - and Bean has quite a reputation as a ladies' man - but regards them as a delightfully alien species.

Almost exactly ten years on, 48-year-old Bean is preparing to say "I do" once again - seemingly undeterred by a marital history which might be described as chequered.

But why, one wonders, is he quite the marrying kind?

The couple met in a bar in Soho where she was working to make ends meet - for although she is a RADA graduate too, she has yet to make her name as an actress.