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Lady chatterley's lover sex scene

However, I have an army of support behind me: friends, family and fellow authors have all been cheering me on (some probably don’t even realise how they’ve done this, but they have), and I am thrilled to be able to announce that the finish line is in sight. For someone who is used to writing short sexy stories, writing my first novel has been an enormous learning curve, and it has not been plain sailing. A combination of personal circumstances, the agony of rewriting and general self-doubt about my value as a writer have all contributed to the delays and anxiety I have struggled through to get this far.

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Still, Leah stood and stared, transfixed to the spot by this angelic illusion.The girl turned, apparently unaware of Leah standing and staring at her.Her blonde curls bounced and her wide eyes were questioning.The main character was portrayed as experiencing many of the same emotions Leah was feeling.She, too, felt rudderless after a marriage breakup.Her pretty, innocent face dissolved into a flood of sobbing.

The busy customers continued to bustle past until eventually an elderly lady, not a great deal taller than the child herself, stopped and took her hand. ” The spell was broken and Leah hurried back to her car, the image haunting her all the way home.

She didn’t want or need a relationship any more, just like her, but she was seeking no-strings attached liaisons and finding at least some comfort from her endeavours.

A small seed of an idea began to germinate in her mind.

It seemed like your average chick lit thing about some woman’s love life.

Enough distraction for Leah for the time being – she was in no mood to embrace the classics.

The Italian honeymoon had been blissful and romantic. She hung up her coat, cast off during the rush, placed her shoes on the rack and picked up a trusty old pair of slippers.