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The Germans, we have met yesterday, weren’t able to repair their bicycle and therefore need to return to Bishkek to get the required spare parts.We gave them a lift to the next town where our local guide Erkin helped them to arrange transport.

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Today I want to discuss two sports I came across during my travel in Kyrgyzstan.Read more Several of you have written me emails if I’m still alive since my blog wasn’t updated during the last weeks. Currently I’m in Ecuador travelling north towards Columbia. I had long phases without internet access, especially in Mongolia and Africa.Also life is more interesting than the documentation of it.The “highlight” or our sightseeing tour in Karakol was the town’s Lenin statue where we girls got our picture taken which very much amused the locals.There were a number of other statues from Soviet time but I have no idea who those people are.Kochkor is a very quiet town and there isn’t really anything to see.

We still felt the need to go out to see and experience something and so Martina, Lauren, Paul and I went for a walk around in town.

They are kind of special since we don’t have them back home in Germany.

The first one is eagle hunting and the second one goat polo.

After eating the two strange sweets we couldn’t handle any more and since it was still raining caught a taxi back home.

In the evening we enjoyed a group dinner prepared by our host family and afterwards had some drinks while watching “Little Britain”, one of my favorite comedies from the UK.

Those items included sweets, pasta, rice and even margarine.