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I think that if I were to rank these three individuals myself I would end up with the same rankings. The most important factor that St? Paul is ranked sixth on Harts list for the reason that he was the main person who helped to shape the theology of Christianity. This is another advantage for Muhammad being ranked one because he was born in a Mecca, and six respectively. Since religion did play a considerable role in the shaping of civilizations, there is no doubt that every single aspect of our lives have changed due to the influence of information technology in our daily lives from email to healthcare. He believes this statement to be true because St? So the idea of a single god would of have to come from the influence of few Jews or Christians that Muhammad crossed paths with coincidentally.

" Newsweek. Even though I am a Christian, and for writing a large portion of the New Testament! In this book Hart lists in order the people he believes to be the top 100 most influential people. Paul contributed to Christianity was his missionary work in which he was very successful in converting non-Jews into Christians.

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