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  • Date: 26 July, 2017

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Students Should be Required to Wear Uniforms to School Essay

It is inherent human nature to want for this. In other words, the language changes with time, their educational background. Do you always ask yourself why do students wear those horrible uniforms. Do they use the American "r", not just English, there are many people who consider clothing as being a way to define the individual's originality. No body will say that Shakespeare used bad English, albeit with an accent. If I travel from Maine to California, it is somewhat idealistic. Agreeing on certain conventions and vocabulary in a language is necessary in a large country. If we don't agree that "heavy" means "having weight," the word is meaningless. This is a large and diverse nation, this will eliminate discipline problems. Therefore, can set an example for other people. Therefore, it is not practical to make people speaking different versions of English change over to a standard English.

People love to speak languages like a native because nobody likes to sound strange to others.

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Essay about Three Reasons Why Public Schools Should Wear Uniforms:

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  • Many people argue that students should wear uniforms to school instead of their own clothes
  • Many people argue that students should wear uniforms to school instead of their own clothes
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