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Klingon dating

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The two holodeck interludes of Jadzia and Nerys are the only thing I don't quite like about the episode.It is just comic relief without any bearing on the characters or the story (something that Quark is usually better suited for).

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But while we may look at it from a human/Federation viewpoint, as we would not want to be drawn into an unjust war, Worf's decision also has a very personal, a Klingon perspective.So why is it that Worf has to redeem himself yet again?For Worf it is a matter of honor not to follow a man who is swimming with the stream, who is just seeking his personal benefit, and who may be rather interested in political matters (as he was described as early as in TNG: "Reunion") even though he pretends to be a true warrior.After becoming and remaining chancellor, both with Worf's help, Gowron has never really done anything for him.The chancellor only restored Worf's honor when it became blindingly obvious that Mogh was not guilty of treason and absolutely necessary to reward the Mogh family for their loyalty in TNG: "Redemption".The Federation officially condemns the attack, and the Klingons react by calling off the peace treaty.

When the victorious Klingon fleet returns from Cardassia, Gowron offers Worf to redeem himself, but he declines, upon which Gowron strips the House of Mogh of its honor.

It is not just the so far most spectacular space battle in Star Trek's history or the mere fact that Worf, a favorite character from TNG, permanently joins the crew that makes this episode extraordinary.

"The Way of the Warrior" draws on the characters and on their relationships, on the realism that lies in the plot and on the overall quality in the screenplay and the directing. Actually, if I were to give out an award for the best dramatic presentation in Star Trek, it would go to "The Way of the Warrior".

Season 5Season 6Season 7 The Way of the Warrior I/IIThe Visitor Hippocratic Oath Indiscretion Rejoined Starship Down Little Green Men The Sword of Kahless Our Man Bashir Homefront / Paradise Lost Crossfire Return to Grace Sons of Mogh Bar Association Accession Rules of Engagement Hard Time Shattered Mirror The Muse For the Cause To the Death The Quickening Body Parts Broken Link Stardate 49011.4: A Klingon fleet headed by General Martok arrives at Deep Space 9, allegedly to help the Federation fight against the Dominion.

In order to figure out what the Klingon presence is really about, Lt. He learns that the Klingons are preparing an invasion of Cardassia, asserting that the Cardassian government has been infiltrated by Changelings.

As Nerys didn't enjoy the Trill version of a sauna and remained stiff, it begs the question anyway why she would care at all joining Jadzia in the Arthurian Legend holoprogram.