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“End Game” is the brand new single from Taylor’s “Reputation” album and the official follow-up to “Ready for It”. The “End Game”…Here’s the official music video for Diplo and Mø’s collaboration "Get I Right" (included on the soundtrack of the Major Lazer documentary “Give Me Future” – did you watch the documentary? But the soundtrack I did check out and that I did like). of December 2016, themed, “Let everything That Has Breath Praise the Lord” This event is proudly hosted by the Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, Lekki Phase 1.

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That’s My friend right there.” If I could be a friend of God by just doing what He called me to do while I’m here and doing it in a maximized way, then I’m going to.I like to say I was doing worship before it was popular. I want people to experience hope, and if somebody could lift their hands and say, ‘I am a friend of God,’ whether they felt like they were or not. The more they sing it, the more they believe it, the more healing that comes to them. I love watching the guy who came to church because his wife forced him to and he’s standing there, he’s got his arms folded, and we go, ‘Lord, we lift our hands to You.’ And he’s like, . I think worship and the Word of God has so much to do with that. My goal is not just to get to heaven, but to truly build something lasting.I was doing worship as a lifestyle before it was a section at the bookstore. I believe it’s a very multi-cultural mix of sound and style and lyric and melody and everything else. You get to the end of the service, and somehow this guy has begun to cry. So the songs I write, the people whose lives I touch, I want it to be a lasting thing.He said when the United States was 55 years old, it was the "most corrupt, vile and violent nation on earth" and busy with slave trading."The whole world is looking at you now because the whole resources of the world are in the continent of Africa and Nigeria is the leader of the continent."I see you becoming one of the greatest nations in the world. Your strength, salvation and exultation as a country will not come from politics, not economy but from God," he declared.Kenoly, however, said that the nation needed prayers now as righteousness exalts a nation.ISRAEL HOUGHTON: When I was 7, I met my grandfather for the first time, who was the same guy who told my mother, ‘You got to move on.’ I saw my cousins and my younger siblings running up and jumping on his lap and hanging out. So I thought, Well, I ran and jumped up on his lap, and the next thing I knew, I was on my back. He had still not been able to make peace with this cultural thing. When you read Psalm 139, it throws out all the ‘I’m here accidentally’ stuff that I believed for so long. ’ I said something like, ‘I’ll pray about that.’ He said, ‘Pray hard because you start tonight! Finally, this lady came up to me and she said, ‘You might want to go find your sound and go find who you are.’ My first real experience of just knowing this is what I was born for, this is what I was created for, I took my piano in to the kitchen because I had tile on the kitchen floor, and it was great acoustics in there and I would just worship.

Four, five, and six hours would go by, and I’d sit there weeping and crying and having this conversation with God all by myself. ISRAEL HOUGHTON: I want to build a dynasty that speaks of what I’m building along the way and what I’m leaving behind, as opposed to a destiny that speaks of my destination, of where I’m ultimately going with this, of the fact that I hope I’m going to go to heaven and it’s going to be great.

Jakes, one of the world’s most revered masterminds, leverages his pioneering vision and instinct to serve others in areas extending beyond the church.

So, if you get the picture, it’s 17,000 miles from home, she is pregnant with a black man’s baby that the state of California is getting ready to take away from her because she was considered an unfit mother, and she was on drugs. God sovereignly knew what was going on and made it such that this lady came up to her out of the blue and said, ‘I don’t know you, and I don’t want to give you a hard time, but I was driving by and I really felt that I needed to come tell you Jesus loves you. I’m here today because of that woman’s faithfulness to God to share the gospel with my mother. I believe that if I don’t take care of my family as a great leader and husband and father, I could have all kinds of accolades and awards and a big mantle up there or something with a bunch of statuettes, but if my children don’t respect me, if I haven’t been a good husband, then that’s all a joke to me. I was playing drums in the church band at a church in Phoenix, and they asked me to be the worship leader.

When I started getting into the recording industry, I would hear, ‘Choose a style,’ and I used to say, ‘How about we just put it all together? Well you’re going to be over in that room.’ I believe the Kingdom has a sound. LISA RYAN: What do you hope is accomplished in people’s lives through your worship? I’m more interested in building a legacy and a dynasty with my children and with spiritual sons and daughters that God gives me opportunity to lead and to mentor and to inspire.

’ Because when we get to heaven, there’s not going to be sections -- ‘This is the black section of heaven. ISRAEL HOUGHTON: Ultimately hope, which ultimately leads to transformation. I want it to be something that brings honor and glory to the Lord.

You can stream it on Spotify or Apple Music…The “IDGAF” music video by Dua Lipa is here.