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Struggling tobeat a D team of France with their top 1 team ?I mean for the beauty of the Lan France should definitly take this, i would prefer to watch a mad game between france and sweden than those kazakhs that can't even win 3-0 agaisnt tier 4 playerslol typical hltv answer.

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I still don't understand your logic, Fifflaren left because Ni P were in bad form, but of course everyone expected high results of them since that 87-0 record and En Vy were bad because of Happy, not because of kio, kio was never a problem for them. As you can see even DEVIL started performing when he gets the role he is good at, while Happy and En Vy as a whole never improved since kio do u mean by deserve ?As far as i know, mat HEND and xms haven't been caught cheating, because what KZ did is some sort of cheating, they gain a big advantage from it (using another player)Can't be bothered to play in long af 100k prize pool tournament especially when the winners prob only get 50k and the amount of players they would have to distribute that money between would make this just not worth it. He won a random LAN in Kazakhstan vs completely unknown players (except Mou), and it's not like some players have cheat in LAN in the past (and probably continue to do so right now, probably even in majors.)I'm glad too that young players managed to give a strong battle against such good players like Adren and Mou.The French players treat the game in the national team very seriously. Look - they have played in every game since the beginning of the tournament (NBK, kenny S, ap EX). And i'm glad that Niak gave them the chance to ( even if n V and G2 players coudn't play ofc ) , and i've been really impressed by their perfomance aswell .And at least i can't blame my country to have a bad ( or even, no ) cs pro scene if that's your pointz Lex killed FRANCE mat HEND with m4a1_silencer (headshot) FRANCE Fuks planted the bomb (3on2) Round over - Winner: CT (5-9) - Target saved FRANCE nonick killed mou with ak47 (headshot) FRANCE nonick killed Adre N with ak47 FRANCE nonick killed fitchfitch? considering who deserves it more, on one hand I feel like kazakhstan should be the one taking this to give them the chance to play without these pings, on the other france has better players to offer for the lan...with ak47 HObbitt killed FRANCE misto^___^ with m4a1 mou killed FRANCE xms ? still prefer kazakhstan to take this one Zlex (or should i say Dosia) proven not to be legit.They always set strong line-up, but this time they couldn't. But well , i'm a bit mad not to see a french line up like Shox Kenny S ap EX NBK Happy at the TWC , would 've been so amazing seeing them playing agaisnt a complete Sweden line up such as GTR, f0rest, FLusha, Olof Dennis for example.

As their manager (Nia K) said, they are preparing hard to ESL New York and ENVYUS are in London (Gifinity). Hope it will be fun to watch anywayrespect to france, you can hatin but they played really good without stars like kennys, apex etc. zlex played great also, you can hatin but for a guy whos 34 he played so well. Congratulations to Kz, but I'd like to see z Lex on lan.

Danes were better yesterday and i'm not complaining about it, you're just too stupid to write a correct argue for your useless sentence of deserving or not smthg, we 're talking of this match rn lol.

So if you can only reply this way and not giving this conversation a real interest , which is the main goal of a forum, i won't continue to explain somthg to an irrevelant moron ..

They dont realize that x Ms, mistou etc are also pretty good players who just dont have a good team like to1nou.

Still everyone is blindly betting on kasach...mistou xms strong players from MILENIUM, kio have big xp, mat HEND play yesterday very well.

Mou played not good now, adren sometimes carrying, h0bbit now good, z Lex bad fitch 50-50 So, France have good odds, i think they will win Kazakhstan"shit players" mistou - solid KDA vs t2 teams such as Epsilon, SS etc.