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Justin bruening deanna russo dating

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And that really, you know, that affects the missions.That affects the - everyone's relationship with him.

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So we made sure that those four characters clicked into what the new mythology was for the series.And then we immediately started training into the series, even before we even knew officially. A - talk at TCA was that the series was going to be in no way, shape or form even resembling the pilot, that everything was scrapped and writers were taking on a completely different mythology and storyline.Do you want to talk about that, and if that's true or not? We went back to the original series to look at what made that work and (wrote a word).Whilst it's taken us a bit longer than usual, we're now able to bring you the entire transcript, which comes in at a massive 35 pages in document form.Given the length of the transcript, you'll have to hit the jump to see it in its entirety.Justin and Deanna, my first question is for you and I'm wondering, you know, in terms of momentum as actors, you know, because you shot a movie and not a pilot -- and because you did it several months ago -- how difficult was it to get back into your roles and into the Knight Rider storyline?

All right, well for Justin and I it - you know, we just kept working on the show from when we shot the two-hour pilot and then we were promoting it.

It's a developmental process through the course of the first season. Well the - I mean, the pace of the show is much more intense than anything else out there, so it's an entirely different animal than primetime.

The idea is going from you know, as if a child would go from say sixth grade all the way through college. I have a lot of features that I still have on hold that I put on hold five years ago. It - you know, NBC sort of handed me the show and said, you know, what do - do you want to do this? I mean, we go through like 70 to 90 pages a day for daytime and for primetime, you know, people complain if we've got 9 pages.

We try to remember that when we're writing the episodes.

And Doug and Dave, my relationship with them is they're Exec Producers. So we communicate on all facets of the production from scripts through cuts.

Crime-fighting supercar KITT returns in Mustang form in this revved-up retread of the 1982-86 TV series.