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John tesh online dating

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On One World, John Tesh's 15th solo recording and his third video-related project in a five-year span, the pianist-composer presents us with not just a concept album, but a Big Concept album.Weaving a variety of world-music accents (Celtic, Native American, flamenco, classical arias) into his unfailingly upbeat pop-instrumental milieu, Tesh offers a 55-minute ode to a pair of well-traveled themes: embracing cultural diversity and envisioning global harmony.

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To date, Tesh has three popular Public Television shows featuring his music to his credit.Favorite topics include brain hacks for better memory, most effective morning routines, cutting edge exercise habits, the latest research on getting a better night’s sleep, job hunting intelligence, time-management tricks, first date body language and more. directly from the drivers themselves / Selfies are causing dangerous pile-ups in running races / The proliferation of ‘baby naming regret' / Why couples’ TV preferences are causing so many breakups / Who are the people we hate on Facebook?/ Why so many Millennials can’t ride a bike / Why longevity researchers say we need a ‘pride shrine’ in our home / And why super-cool-electric-cars have now given us ‘Range Anxiety.' Hacking your boss for a raise / Scientific signs of dating compatibility / Using a pickle to lose weight / Why toothpaste is keeping us awake at night / Geezer chic fashion trend / New data on dancing and weight loss / Death by GPS Ryan Holiday interview: What the stoics can teach us about our own self improvement and success and why high level coaches use Ryan’s books to produce huge victories.Elizabeth speaks about dating, divorce, blended families and other topics to empower women.She has a blog on the Huffington Post and has appeared on Huff Post Live and The Daily Brew.She has been featured on John Tesh's Intelligence for your Life as a relationship expert. She lives in Spanish Fort, Alabama with her husband and five children.

Once again, John Tesh proves that he is one of the most prolific and versatile men in show business!

Elizabeth Denham is an author, public speaker and freelance writer.

She wrote Sweeten the Deal: How to Spot and Avoid the Big Red Flags in Online Dating and The Magic Nation Series: Moving Day with her sister, Annie Malloy, who illustrated it.

Serious world music it's not, but the pop-rooted, fan-satisfying textures inherent in Tesh's compositions--appealing melodies, romantic reflections, triumphant resolutions--are in place on most pieces here, most attractively on the album's first four tracks.

The opening, orchestra-backed "Sonata di Doma," which was performed in front of the Coliseum in Rome for a PBS television special, builds beautifully to a chest-swelling crescendo; the worshipful "Canta Domine" is underpinned by an interesting, near-techno groove; and the spirited rock 'n' reel of "Emerald Bay" is a Celtic charmer.

Plus: What you have in common with geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci; why a cotton ball and lavender oil can land you a new job and a new date; and how many of your dinner guests are snooping in your medicine cabinets.