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At the start of a typical survival game, the player is usually placed alone in the game's world with few resources.It is not uncommon for players to spend the majority or entirety of the game without encountering a friendly non-player character; since NPCs are typically hostile to the player, emphasis is placed on avoidance, rather than confrontation.

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Many survival games are based on randomly or procedurally generated persistent environments; more-recently created games are often playable online, allowing multiple players to interact in a single persistent world.Character death may not be the end of the game; the player may be able to respawn and return to the game location at which his character died in order to retrieve lost equipment.Other survival games use permadeath: the character has one life, and dying requires that the game be restarted from the beginning.The same concept applies to weapons and armor, with those made out of more-difficult-to-acquire materials providing better offensive and defense bonuses.Often, the crafting system includes durability factors for tools and weapons, so that the tool will break after repeated use.Crafting systems may not give the player the necessary recipes for crafting, requiring this to be learned through experimentation or from game guides.

There is rarely a winning condition for survival games; the challenge to the player is to last as long as possible, though some games set a goal for survival time.

While many survival games are aimed at constantly putting the player at risk from hostile creatures or the environment, others may downplay the amount of danger the player faces and instead encourage more open-world gameplay, where player-character death can still occur if the player is not careful or properly equipped.

Survival games are nearly always playable as a single player, but many are designed as multiplayer experiences, with game servers hosting the persistent world that players are able to connect to.

The open-ended nature of these games encourages players to work together to survive against the elements and other threats that the game may pose.

When there are no opposing players within the same world, this dynamic is often referred to as player versus environment or Pv E.

Survival games are generally open-ended with no set goals and are often closely related to the survival horror genre, in which the player must survive within a supernatural setting, such as a zombie apocalypse.