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Jewish son dating catholic

jewish son dating catholic-76

The dating of the Council of Jerusalem is usually given as 49 or 50 AD.

For example, their liturgical calendar might differ from the liturgical calendar used by Latin Catholics in their retention of certain Jewish holidays.Perhaps I had to trust that the child would have a Jewish heart, and that she might be drawn back, like my husband was. And I would have to be the best Jew I could because I had now become a living example of this religion I so love. Besides, one day my granddaughter would choose a husband. And her mother had shown her that marrying a Jew was a good thing. Or when the nearest synagogue’s youth group has nine boys and one girl.(Try organizing a dance with those demographics.) We had kept a Jewish home, observed the holidays, have always been temple members, sent our children on every possible Jewish outing, and even researched colleges for religious breakdowns.St Mark went to Alexandria and Peter to Jerusalem in 43 AD.

The Zohar was seen as a literary Holy Grail that contained the mysteries of the mystical and Eucharistic Cup of Blessing.

She had grasped my hands and whispered in amazement, “You’re Jewish? When our oldest son and his fiancee were planning their wedding, they talked with our rabbi.

He agreed to participate in their marriage ceremony along with the bride’s uncle, a Catholic priest.

When we began dating, he spoke of converting and agreed to raise our children Jewish.

So, his Jewish grandmother’s grandchild became Jewish, and all of her great grandchildren were Jewish.

As I hugged my daughter-in-law good-bye that evening, I dropped a hand to her stomach.