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Jessica huan and louis koo dating

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陳佩 華Apparently, there was a TVB dinner, where artists that TVB plan to heavily promote in 2006 were introduced to those of higher management. Oh you will be shocked at the end...飛短留長父子兵 Fei Duen Lau Cheung Foo Ji Bing - something stored(not official poster but the other one was too small this one was from the book)Cast: Kevin Cheng, Nadia Chan, Sharon Chan, Halina Tam, Wayne Lai, Patricia Liu, Sherming Yiu, and Ellesmere Choi. With regards to pictures, the ugliest photographs of artistes will be published, or the photographs where artistes are scantily-dressed. Gou Hei Man (Jessica Hsuan) is a fair and righteous judge who takes her career very seriously.

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Everytime Kwok Kwong goes back to the village, he becomes the assertive husband, like a village man should. TWIN OF BROTHERS (DAI TONG SEUNG LUNG JUEN)Rating : 28.4 (1.864 million) 1. The media of course being who they are made this whole thing about who was going to win… For you, you can be late for 2 hours." (Bowie Lam to Bernice Liu- Healing Hands III)Love between 2 people is like basic math. TO LOVE WITH NO REGRET (JOOK CHING LO POR BAK LEUNG FU)Rating : 28.5 (1.87 million)10. If they had awards during that time no doubt she would have one already. Her dramatic scenes had always been her one of her strong point but this one is a little below par. Kot Kwok Kwong (Sunny Chan)First off what is with the name? And one that is beautiful and smart are allow 1 hour. It is also said that before he died, he insisted on wearing the outfit that he wore to the recent TVB anniversary. Total number of TVB series I regret watching completely: 1 (HH3)Total number of reviews I wrote: 1... Most aired TVB Leading Actress: Myolie Wu, who has 5 series aired in just one year! Most aired TVB Leading Actor: Moses Chan, who has 4 series aired. War of in Laws Life Made Simple When I look at the list of series last... I thought that this year went downhill but actaully overall it was the complete opposite. Overall I found this year better when I look back at this year's series.1. Maybe I’m biased, but I was rooting for Kenix all the way. She reverts to the traditional role of the wife and even takes time off from work and even thinking of quitting her job, but in the end because of an unresolved misunderstanding causes a rift between them. Its best we not look at the past and focus more to the future. He recently finished filming his last series with Michael Mui, Anne, Bosco and Shirley (Shanghai Fung Wah) and prior to that he also filmed the ancient series with Steve Ma, Wayne Lai,etc (Safe Guards). read=246850 Total number of TVB series aired in HK Jade Channel: 26 (including three warehouse series from the previous year: Wong Fei Hung, Lost in the Chamber of Love and Hidden Treasures)Total number of Warehouse series that won't be aired: 2 (Strike at Heart and Ten Brothers)Total number of TVB series I watched: 12Total number of TVB series I am planning to watch: 1 no...2 (2006 series)Total number of TVB series I gave up watching: 7 (Jewel in the Palace (I plan to continue), War of in Laws, The Academy, Revolving Doors Of Vengeance (also plan to continue), The Prince's Shadow, Always Ready, Beneath the Charm (Plan to Comtinue also) I have never not finshed a series untill thisi year wait maybe once... Total number of TVB series I didn't watch at all: too many to count... I wish not for what happen to Sheren to happen to Angela. People say she is really pretty yet I don’t see it. Golden Faith (she did excellent in that series, but it was the only series imo that she really excelled)Liza Wang winning Best Actress? Liza maybe very experienced, but her acting is not that great. being the small person in a big world, makes you sympathize her. Her acting in Life Made Simple wasn’t the greatest but I do think that she deserved the award 100%. Hei Man finds herself in a situation were she could have signed the divorce papers because she thinks Kwok Guang has a mistress but decides to try to salvage her relationship. The pictured also showed Shirley’s white bra hanging on the window sill. Link to Article Need to say moreand Finally Gallen and Jessica..there was alot of Chemistry in GF but how could so possibily think otherwise... TVB's Seven Original Fa Dan Who is your favorite TVB Fa Dan? Wow, A little over a month and we reached 10,000 pageloads! Hei Man, unfortunately doesn’t believe in marriage and doesn’t trust men after what her father did to her family.

Will the same effects as Yummy Yummy (Food for Life) which TVB did the same exact thing... Andy says: "The world had changed, many things human can't change, if it can't be change, should gave in, I would change a bit, hope in the later days, the newspaper will get better, we had no choice."-------Pictures of Shirley Yeung taking a shower at her mother’s house. Kwok Kwong follows Hei Man back to Hong Kong and proposes to her after finding out that she is pregnant.

Joey said that if she does not do will on the series, she will never act again."Translated by angelic_eyes25 linktranslation by Jayne the interview, Gallen Lo kept smoking, with the smoke from his cigarettes blurring the image of his face.

Joey said that the director told her to watch Michelle Pfeiffer and Meryl Streep movies.

Sheren Tang won much sucess after War and Beauty Her role as Yu Fei made her popularity rise to the limits, favored to win Best Actress, everything seemed to be on the up... SHINE ON YOU (CHING CHOOK YU LAM)Rating : 29.8 (1.956 million)5. Kwok Guang sacrifices his marriage to save Hei Man.

The series I watched with paying too much attention: Into Thin Air and Life Made Simple I was trying to find every little goof... With an award under her belt, she seems to be unstoppable. The Canadian-born actress seems to be on the rise, but I wonder will it last? TO GET UNSTUCK IN TIME (GAT SAI JUI HUNG)Rating : 30 (1.97 million)4. Well I said most of it in previous post, and currently TVB's ratings has gone down down and down... Hei Man gets in trouble with the law and if convicted loses her career as judge.

HK Headlines are getting more and more fictional... To scare him away she makes an unreasonable and very strict prenuptial agreement not expecting him to sign it.