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Jenny sanford is dating

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- A political blogger claimed today that he had an affair several years ago with a married Republican vying to become the state's first female governor. Nikki Haley vehemently denied the allegation, made in a post on Will Folks' blog that contained no proof. Phil in an interview airing today, reports Politics Daily .“I've chosen to move on, and I've chosen to be happy about it.”...

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"If he had asked me, I would have said no," said South Carolina's first lady. - Jenny Sanford returned to the South Carolina Governor's Mansion yesterday, just for the day. Mark Sanford's estranged wife joined him for the traditional holiday open house, at which they stood far apart and greeted visitors to the mansion, newly decorated for Christmas. Sanford's fiance, Andy Mc Kay, is the senior managing director and head of investment banking at Hilliard Lyons. At the time of the extramarital affair, Mark Sanford was in his second term as South Carolina's governor.The Sanfords had four sons together during their 20 years of marriage. Your details from Facebook will be used to provide you with tailored content, marketing and ads in line with our Privacy Policy."I remember the first birthday I celebrated after we moved south.Mark gave me a hand-made birthday card with a picture of him holding birthday balloons on the front.

I thought it was sweet that he drew a picture for me himself.

Republican Mark Sanford, who was considered a presidential contender before his extramarital affair became... Nikki Haley may not be into the idea , but her fellow South Carolinians really want to see Stephen Colbert replace Jim De Mint in the Senate.

A Public Policy Poll finds that 20% of voters have the Comedy Central host at the top of their wish list, followed by Tim... “I just have to make sure I pick someone who maybe loves me back,” she told Dr.

- From the Appalachian Trail to Capitol Hill: With Rep.

Tim Scott grabbing Jim De Mint's old Senate seat, there's a vacancy in South Carolina's congressional delegation—and a former governor wants in, CNN reports.

Some quips and revelations: - Jenny Sanford shares her story of a "cheap" husband who insisted on taking the word "faithful" out of their wedding vows, telling Barbara Walters that despite it all, "I thought he loved me in his own way." In a - Before Mark Sanford made “hiking the Appalachian trail” into a household phrase, one person knew his affair scandal would be big news: His 12-year-old son.