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The internet reveals that he's entered the Eurovision song contest three times. Such is my enjoyment of this strange, idealistic little festival that the suddenly brutal weather barely puts a dent in the fun.

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He pulls Mr Bean faces as he shouts through his bizarre back catalogue and it's completely, brilliantly bonkers.• W In 2009, Pohoda festival made international headlines for all the wrong reasons, after a stage tent collapsed in bad weather, fatally injuring an attendee.That was expected to be the end of Slovakia's music festival, but since then it has reduced capacity and upped safety, and it's still going strong.The two-day event will take place at Służewiec horse track in the heart of the city.Music, woodland and beach create the formula for this increasingly popular Lativian festival, which will stretch to three days for the first time this year.Sigur Rós are the headliners; with the xx and Crystal Castles also making appearances, along with many local acts, including Jauns mēness and Zodiaks.

Located on Europe's biggest river island in Hamburg's Wilhelmsburg district, this three-day music festival is held in an old industrial complex, giving it an edgy feel.

"It's a one-day concept, really." Of course, this ethos, also its charm, means it's unlikely that you'll see Daft Punk lighting up the main (well, only) stage.

Many of the artists are folky, with a few bigger names – Lerche, and 2012's headlining act Travis – and it's similarly low-key for 2013, with Kaizers Orchestra, Pal Angelskar and Big Band on the bill.

In addition to steak and sausages, I spotted elk, langoustines and a seemingly endless supply of local salmon sashimi, plus cinnamon buns and home-baked cakes for desert.

It's hard to imagine, say, Reading and Leeds being able to pull this off, unless people were prepared to eat a communal casserole of lager, pot noodles and bacon butties.

The hippy ideals of Sommerfesten, a music festival on the Norwegian coast, are as pure as its stunning backdrop of mountains and fjords.