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He was trying to gain a foothold in Peninsular Malaysia through his slogan of Malaysian Malaysia.The Alliance Party then (consisting of UMNO, MCA and MIC) saw him as a threat to their Chinese support base. Over a period of 9 years, UMNO tried various means to topple the opposition PBS until she finally succeeded in 1994 by luring PBS’s state assemblymen through cross-overs.

All Ruling Classes are fully aware that the Rats can turn and when they do, generally it is unstoppable. Eventually, the voters get tired of them and throw them out during elections. UMNO has remained in power for 52 years and looks set to hang on for another 4 years.THE RAT RACE PART VI MALAYSIA: HOW DID UMNO STAY IN POWER FOR SO LONG? 1: The UMNO War Machine UMNO is Britains greatest success story in neo-colonialism ( The British intended for UMNO to be their proxy in the control of Malaya.The British would never have dreamed that their poster boy would have survived for 61 years from 1948 with the signing of the Federation of Malaya Agreement. ( This was run by the children of the Malay tribal chiefs and the Royalty. Hence they gave them all the levers of power before handing over officially on 31st Aug 1957.The JI group remains active in the region, and we must work together to counter them as well as other such groups." Lee said he also told Najib that he especially appreciated the close cooperation and trust between the ISD and its Malaysian counterpart, the Special Branch. The Perak event is current and fresh in everybody’s minds, so it will easy and interesting to follow.More ( Don't let the quarrels between the Singapore and Malaysian governments fool you. THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: HOW DID UMNO STAY IN POWER FOR SO LONG? In the previous chapter we touched on three strategies that UMNO uses to gain and hang on to power. From this exercise, we can compare how having a mental model will help greatly in our understanding of events. It is usually related to greed for power and money, and fear of loss of power.History is replete with examples of Ruling Classes who were not successful in suppressing the Rats. They achieved this by constantly winning in general elections through dirty tricks and outright cheating, and even abuse of the Constitution. Where UMNO has lost a state during elections, they resort to unconstitutional means to topple the Opposition State Government and take over.

In all cases, it is inevitable and fatal for the Ruling Class. During General Elections, the UMNO War Machine takes over in fighting the Opposition parties. They do one or more of the following: Create civil disorder to Declare a State of Emergency. Use the MACC to threaten them by investigating them for corruption. At present emotions are very high and the Rats may miss the bigger picture. The Ruling Class considers all Rats as potential enemies to be suppressed or even eliminated if they are perceived to threaten the Ruling Class's hold on power.

The elements of the Mental Model involved are highlighted in bold.

Coup7May2009Mental Model1Chronology of Events: 25 Aug 08 ACA/MACC & Judiciary: The Sting (

Perak Speaker being forcibly dragged out by police. action=view¤t=policeusingforceonperakspeaker.jpg) action=view¤t=perakspeakerforciblyremovedbyplain-.jpg) action=view¤t=perakspeakerbeingdraggedaway070509.jpg) and here. ( Bloggers were analyzing the events and condemning UMNO’s blatant abuse of the Constitution.

The NGOs, civil society and the lawyers were actively challenging the Government through their knowledge of the laws and the Constitution.

One aspect of the Rat Race not widely appreciated is the quiet collaboration among the Ruling Classes of different countries to protect their personal security.