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Jackie francois dating websites

In fact it was all the people, they say, that they missed most about their short-lived retirement.“We’ve met people from all over the world,” Jackie points out.

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We made this video at Christ Cathedral immediately after meeting Jackie and Bobby and committed to doing the devotional every day for 6 weeks.These videos are primarily for our Dyogi kids so that they can witness the beauty of our vocation with all of the hills and valleys.And if there is something others can learn or be consoled by, praise the good Lord.I knew that if I myself was not abiding in the Lord, it would be very difficult to strengthen my marriage and see my husband with the eyes of Jesus.As I write this, I’m making a mental note to be more intentional with my individual prayer time so that it can then feed into my relationship with Gary and the kids.The couple, who has owned a number of resorts over the years, had sold off some of their holdings and was supposed to be taking life easy.

But they soon found they were bored and missed the activity of resort ownership.

No matter what, you would be building the foundation of your domestic church with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone.

Retirement just didn’t suit Neil Moser and Jackie Johnson.

We appreciated their candid, honest, and grace-filled responses, knowing well the struggles of living as both spouses and parents of young children.

Finding their experiences common to our own got us excited about starting the devotional together, and it came at a perfect time as we’d been planning to grow our ministry and start a You Tube channel for it.

To get your copy of by Jackie Francois Angel and Bobby Angel, visit Pauline Books & Media or for the Kindle version. If you can do it in 6 weeks, that would be awesome.