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Ivillage dating doyenne

Oh Blakey, I want to have your baby.' And so it went on.Blake the Fake was driving around in luxury sports cars, lounging bare-chested on super yachts, and taking his multiple girlfriends on a series of mega-dates.

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For the first few weeks of The Bachelor's second series, all I heard was girls gushing over the dude.He also had this weird insistence on shovelling food into his dates' mouths.As he whittled down his pool of love interests to a smaller bevy of beautiful and vivacious young women (poor guy, having to cut loose the less-than-perfect ones), it became clear to those of us watching at home that he was kind of a sleazeball.As a real estate agent slash burlesque dancer, there is no way he could have conceived of any of these fairy tale dates, let alone paid for them, so this was, I assume, all set up by his billionaire wingman, Osher.Not only that, he always knew the right thing to say at the right time, and his girlfriends were just lapping it up.He was stringing along all these bachelorettes, while well-and-truly keeping his options open. Twitter: @Dan Colasimone You think darkness is your ally? He didn’t see the light until he was already a man.

For ladies watching at home, the refrain soon became, ' Why are men such bastards? Could you make it any worse for all the real-life bachelors in Australia, who have a hard enough time as it is convincing members of the opposite sex that there are actually some of us out there who are nice chaps, and not just trying to play the field? To cap off his performance as a Master Douchelord, Blake proceeded to dump the winning bachelorette, Sam, before the show had even finished airing. What kind of bizarre West Australian male stripper world do you live in where that bubbly babe is not good enough for you, Blake?? TUL Note: Hailing from the ' Paris of the South,' Bundaberg, Dan Colasimone is back in Brisbane after spending the better part of a decade living overseas. Raised on the mean streets of Bundaberg, he has ended up in Brisbane by way of Italy, South Korea, Argentina and a few other places.

So far they have a 100% record of choosing strippers.

First of all, this makes the rest of us feel inferior.

Unless I somehow missed the memo, there was no nationwide election held among unmarried men to vote in a Supreme Doyen of Singledom who could faithfully represent us all.

Channel 10 producers are the ones who decide on what the ideal spouseless male should look like, and what a great job they have done of it!

The Sam and Blake saga has been presented as though it's the Anna Karenina of our times by feverish tabloid newspapers and all-in-a-tizzy TV and radio presenters.