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It's always sunny online dating dennis freak out

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premiered on FX in 2005, it was a sitcom the likes of which basic cable had never seen.

Greenman, though only making it into a handful of episodes over the show’s 11-year run, has now become part of the pop culture lexicon. THE GANG REIGNITES THE RIVALRY (Season 5, Episode 12) If you don’t know what Flipadelphia is – or better yet, know the song (“Flip! But because the characters in Sunny have all the collective focus of an infant, they quickly abandon that idea and develop a new rivalry, this time with a group of college kids who are in Dennis’ old fraternity, a group of guys who Dennis learns have written “I chug dick” on his old picture in the frat house. “Flipadelphia” is essential It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia viewing, if for nothing else than the sight of Danny De Vito in a pair of skinny jeans.Lets take a look back at the 10 greatest episodes in the history of .They’re all great, honestly, they are, but these are the cream of the crop. THE GANG GETS INVINCIBLE (Season 3, Episode 2) There’s so much about this episode that makes it an instant Sunny classic.This is all about Dennis, Mac and Dee trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles.And while that, in and of itself, is a funny premise, there’s really so much more to this episode.Fall is now approaching all too fast, which means back to school, back to sweatshirts — but also, back to our beloved fall TV line-up.

In addition to a handful of premieres, September promises the much-awaited reboots and reworkings of our favorite shows — including the recent and thumbs-up-inducing announcement that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Kaitlin Olson will have a recurring role on New Girl .

And, indeed, it hovered under the radar, amassing a dedicated cult following but not gaining much widespread attention for is first two seasons.

But the gang persevered and, now in its ninth season, is still going strong — and has become a cultural phenomenon of unlikely proportions.

Point being, at the very least, I now feel it's vitally important to go over all of the reasons that New Girl and Always Sunny are secretly exactly the same — if only, perhaps, to create a "multiverse" / dreamscape theory of my own. When Nick finds himself stuck writing Schmidt letters pretending to be Michael Keaton — is it enough to say that this seems like a plot basically ripped from Sunny's script pages (except that it would, of course, be 100 percent intentional / malicious)?

What about the letters Mac writes to Chase Huntley? Or that episode when Dennis goes to "rehab" and meets Sinbad and Rob Thomas? Hey, maybe this would be a good place to start the crossover series!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Olson will play Ashley, the former high school nemesis of Jess and Cece who is now Jess's father's fiancé. More importantly, however, this casting crossover makes one reflect upon the ways in which New Girl is essentially the slightly more twee, traditional sitcom version of the Always Sunny gang's grimy sociopathy.