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(As long as you have completed or are in the process of completing 2 series classes).Please email [email protected] you have any questions before registering.

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Also, one of our favorites, Melissa Berger is coming too- who happens to be the TOP agent for youth voice over in the industry (in the world! Taylor Tippens, Lindsey Black, Seth Ginsberg is also pictured and are still doing the Acting biz in different cities.Mitchell is such a dynamic speaker, so charismatic and one of the best teachers we've ever had at the studio EVER.In One of the six sessions, 43 people signed up for middle school master students within the first few minutes!Students will experience the role of being a casting director themselves, and auditioning for one another in a mock audition.They will also learn how to improve their acting career from someone who's been in the acting business for decades.One of the BIGGEST & BEST Seminars of the Year is happening Dec 2-3rd! The most highly anticipated workshop of the year is about to happen!

Senior Vice-President of CESD & the person Voted "Best Industry Guest TEACHER" by my Master/Premiere students MITCHELL GOSSETT is coming! and THIS TIME--Mitchell Gossett is not just bringing one of his top booking agents from L. Melissa Berger, he is also bringing one of his Broadway, Film and TV New York Agents from CESD, David Doan! These are the stars that Mitchell and I helped start out!

We had so many people register for this workshop, It was crazy.

It took my registration manager and her aide twelve hours each to process all of the registration in a fair way with us trying to decide the most fair way for students to get spots in this MG workshop.

Also, With this workshop comes a: Mitchell Gossett originally was going to be coming the Nov.

11th weekend, but we changed that date to December 2-3...

Joining him will be the awesome MELISSA BERGER BRENNAN,and DAVID DOANwho are also of C. Mitchell is one of the most prestigious agents in the kid/teen actor arena of all time! He is a rare kind of agent as he has a masters degree in acting & is actually known all over the world for his eye for talent!